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Mobile Apps

I already signed up for the RosiMosiAcademy, how do I unlock other apps?

If you are a RosiMosi Academy member you can tap on the Academy button on the main menu of this app and then Login. After successfully logging in the games will unlock automatically!

I already purchased this game on another device and now the games are locked!

The App Store remembers which in-app purchases you've made, so you will never be double charged. To restore a purchase simply open the Parents menu from the main screen of the app, then tap the Restore Purchase button. Just make sure you are using the same account you originally purchased with.

I use Family Sharing on Apple and want to share my purchased apps!

Apple's Family Sharing is a great way to share apps with your kids, however Apple doesn't allow in-app purchases to be shared. Sadly this means paying to unlock the games on your profile may not unlock them on your child's. The best solution is to purchase the School Edition (SE) version of the app. It has the same content as the normal version but has everything unlocked with no in-app purchases, so it can be shared via Family Sharing with no problem. We have SE versions of all our apps, simply search the App Store for it or email us at and we'd be happy to help.

I have a subscription to the RosiMosi Academy, do I have to pay for the mobile apps again?

Your subscription to the RosiMosi Academy now gains you access to 20 of our best apps on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store!

To unlock the mobile apps with your Academy account, simply download the free version of the app from the store and then tap the "Academy" button. After logging in the games will automatically unlock with a valid subscription!

RosiMosi Academy

I already purchased your app, why do I need to pay for the Learning Academy too?

The RosiMosi Academy is a new product, and while some of the games are similar, there are many new features on the Academy with more being added all the time. The RosiMosi Academy also grants you access to our most popular mobile apps.

I am a teacher or school administrator and need RosiMosi Academy access for all of my students. What can I do?

We are able to offer large discounts for schools and districts that need hundreds or thousands of students to access the RosiMosi Academy. Contact us at to learn more.

I need to cancel my subscription.

Sorry to hear! You can cancel your subscription at anytime through Profile -> Settings on this website.

If I cancel will I get a refund?

Once you cancel your membership you will not be charged again, and will maintain access to the site until the end of your subscription period. We cannot offer a refund or prorate the time left in your subscription. We advise taking advantage of the trial period we offer.

Will the RosiMosi Academy work on my device?

The RosiMosi Academy website is designed to work on most modern web browsers, however it is optimized for laptop and desktop browsers. If you are playing on a tablet or mobile phone it is recommended you download the app from the corresponding app store for a better experience.

Why is reporting and student profiles on the RosiMosi Academy website different than on my mobile device?

The RosiMosi Academy website and RosiMosi mobile apps are currently seperate for student profiles and reporting. Any progress or profiles created on your mobile device are local to that device for privacy reasons. We plan to sync these two systems sometime in 2020.

Other Questions

How can I get RosiMosi apps on our new service/tablet/product/etc?

We work with many app networks and device manufacturers to load our apps onto their systems. We can provide large discounts for volume purchases, simply email us at to discuss more.

What happened to Kevin Bradford apps?

We simply have changed our name! Same great apps, same people, just a new name. As we expand our portfolio and build our team we needed a new name to reflect our growth. RosiMosi is a tribute to our daughter: our inspiration and main playtester!

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